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A Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Throughout my life, I attempted to conform to the expectations of the world around me, taking on various roles in the corporate sector and other jobs as an employee. In my quest to please everyone - managers, colleagues, and family - I made decisions that were not aligned with my true self. Gradually, I began to feel disconnected from my values and passions. As a result, I started to lose my enthusiasm, faith in myself, and ultimately, my sense of self-worth.


Despite facing numerous challenges, including a significant move from France to New Zealand in 2017 with my family, I continued to struggle. After working for two years in my new country, I decided to launch my own business. However, something inside me had broken, and I couldn't seem to regain my footing. Overwhelmed by various situations, I eventually found myself grappling with depression.

In my search for healing, I turned to coaching, which became a turning point in my life. As I delved into self-exploration, I discovered and embraced my identity as a highly sensitive person. I realized that I had been undervaluing my potential and neglecting my true personality. This new understanding of myself led me to observe others around me - my family, friends, and colleagues - and I realized that many of them were experiencing similar struggles as highly sensitive individuals.

Inspired by my journey of self-discovery, I decided to dedicate my time and energy to guiding others on their own paths. Today, I am a life coach specializing in supporting those who are called "neurodivergent", and who belong to the high-sensitive tribe.


Let me help you embrace your unique qualities and unlock your full potential.

Jane Estelle Dorsemaine
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